TV ASIA’s new weekly talk show TECH TALK is a unique endeavor fusing the nuances of technology with everyday life, showcasing tech wizards, their products and its indelible impression on American consumerism and technologies of the future. Season 1 airs Thursday nights at 9:00 pm through April 19.

Did You Know… Indian Americans are among some of the most prolific technology inventors in the US? Considered the czars of technology in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, they have founded 60% of tech startups since 2001.

While we only hear about the likes of Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai in the mainstream news, hundreds of Indian tech innovators and CEO’s are within our vast expanding community. They are in the same grocery line with you, you share a membership at the same gym and they are just a tap away on your phone or social media.

Each episode of TECH TALK features leading and upcoming Indian American tech gurus, illuminating the very latest in consumer tech and technologies of the future. The format is a mix of voluble and informative discussion in a studio setting combined with rolling footage of the guest panel’s product or company.

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Happy-Hour at TECH TALK

TECH TALK’s enlightened studio discussions will piggyback an on-set Happy-Hour, ensuring light and funny elements. Hosted by international comedy actor Omi Vaidya, connecting technology and fun, unraveling the usual mundane tech conversations into lively segments for South Asian viewers.

Video Clip: iPhoneX vs. Paying Rent


Omi on the Street – Leaves No Stone Unturned

One of TECH TALK’s best segments is Omi on the Street. Omi (in his indomitable and side-splitting style) disrupts people’s day to quiz them about their knowledge and use of modern technology.

Video Clip: Omi in Times Square